10 Travel Hacks for Cheaper Travel

Updated: Jan 8

Traveling can get expensive quick, especially if it's something you may not do frequently. So with a little help from us, we'd like to share these 10 travel hacks that can help you save money and access your dream destination a bit cheaper.

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1.) Look For Flights Incognito

An easy way to save money on flight tickets is to do your ticket search in a private or incognito browser. This prevents to website from having access to your current location, therefore adjusting the price based on location. The price of your flight ticket actually depends on the strength of your local currency. So by pretending to be in a country with a weaker currency, you can book a flight for much cheaper than in countries where the currency maybe a bit higher like in Australia or the UK. In some cases the US as well.

TIP: A good time to book your flights is between three weeks and four months before your trip. Typically Tuesday and Wednesday are the cheapest days to fly during the week.

2.) Save with A Travel Credit Card

Simple. Sign up for a travel credit card, collect miles by using the card, and fly for free. Many travel credit cards offer bonus of points of 20,000 points or more which can be applied toward travel just for signing up. If you have a couple of travel credit cards, like a card from your favorite airlines and a general bank rewards card, you can combine the points together to earn cheaper flights fast.

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3.) Use Airport Hub Pricing for Cheaper One-Way Pricing

Major airport hubs, like Houston, Chicago, Miami, or Atlanta are more more expensive than purchasing a flight out of other nearby connection hubs. So If you're flying to a hub city, one way to save big is by buying a ticket to a nearby city with a connection in the hub.

For instance, if you want to fly to a hub in Houston, buy your plane ticket to a nearby city, instead. The airline will route you through Houston, as a connecting flight to Austin and just get off in Houston instead! This may take a bit of research to confirm flight routes, but can save you some cash if properly executed!

Note: This will only work on on one-way flights and if you're haven't checked any bags.

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4.) Book Last Minute Cruise for Cheaper Tickets

Cruises are often cheapest when purchased at the last minute. If you live in Miami or near a cruise port, you can save even more by skipping the plane ticket. I have friends who were able to book 3 day cruises from Miami for only $75 last minute! Cruises also include meals and entertainment, making them an even better deal when compared to airfare.

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5.) Take A Red-Eye

Book a 48-hour layover in a city that you can explore a bit before getting back on the plane.

If traveling a longer distance, try to book a red-eye flight so you save on booking a hotel room and get some shut-eye on the red-eye!

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6.) Find Hidden Deals on offbeat Travel Websites

You can stumble across some great flight deals on websites that are not always the most known or popular. A website like Holiday Pirates or the The Flight Deal may not be hugely popular, but you can come across some great deals, like finding hidden treasure!

Tip: Subscribe to website newsletters (have you subscribed to us yet?) so you don't miss any flight deals that may come about. If a website has an option on setting departing or landing locations, say flights departing from Chicago to Los Angeles, you will be notified of any deals to flights departing to that area.

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7.) City Tourist Cards

If you plan on seeing a lot of sights in a city, you should Get a city tourism card, if you plan on seeing a lot of sights in a city. City cards can offer free public transportation as well as discounted or free access to major city attractions and museums. Depend on where you go, you can save yourself a bit of extra coinage while getting about and seeing the town or country you are in.

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8.) Book Long Layovers on Flights

If your flight has a layover, look to find the longest layover which will allow you to explore the country or city you are in and check it off your travel bucket list. Some airlines in different countries offer free tours that you can take advantage of while on your layover. Some airlines may even offer free hotel stay for layovers that are up to 48 hours. Airlines like Singapore and Turkish Airlines offer such deals.

9.) Negotiate prices

Don't be afraid to ask for a discount on certain things when traveling. You can negotiate plane ticket price by contacting the Airlines directly compared to just using their website. If came across a a deal that has suddenly expired, call the airlines to see if they can still honor it. You can even negotiate a better rate on your hotel, hostel, or Airbnb rental as well. If you provide an offer, don't be insulting with a low price offering. Also if you are flexible with your travel time, this be advantageous to your negotiations as well. No price is final, everything is negotiable.

Tip: Typically to smaller spots like hotels or even hostels, as a walk-in, you can sometimes negotiate a better deal or price in person.

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10.) Teach Your Language For Free Room and Board

You can get free room and board by registering yourself in a language exchange programs. Countries like Spain, China, and France in exchange for a few hours of language tutoring, you will get accommodation and food for free. It may even come with a stipend or pay.

Workaway is one popular site where you can find gigs like this.

Note: Keep in mind the current travel restrictions set forth due to COVID-19 and check corresponding websites for information and update changes to this.

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