How to Prepare Your Trip During Rona

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

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Summer is underway and in spite of many travel bans from the U.S. to other countries, travel may still be a necessary factor for certain situations. In some cases, traveling is going to be inevitable part of getting around. With the new heightened security and safety measures that are being implemented everywhere like social distancing and self quarantining due to the corona virus monster wrecking shop all over the world, during this time it's important to be aware of some things so you are not getting harassed or stalled at the airport as you board the gates to your specific destination or even after landing and getting off the plane. So before you board that half empty plane, here are couple of things to keep in mind while heading on your next long distant trip.

Do Your Research on Your Destination

Before you pull out your passport and go on a trip to that exotic island, or special destination, you may want to check and see if there are any travel bans there. You don't want to have your plans set to take a trip to the Dominican Republic only to find out that you will be denied entry upon your arrival! Even if you are taking a road trip across country, you still may want to double check and see if there will be stopping points or situations that may halt your destination. Traveling requires preparation already and it will not be fun if you have scheduled the time off and packed your bags only to have to turn back around because your destination has a big ACCESS DENIED sign where it use to be a welcome. If you are going to places that may have larger crowds just be aware of that ahead of time and consider heading after or before peak hours. Unless you enjoy a bit of a thrill!

Hold The Cash

I wouldn't recommend carrying a lot of cash on you in general when on a trip only because you may need to find places to convert your American coins, or if you are walking around looking extra touristy, you might run your chances of getting robbed, but if you are concerned about "slowing the spread", limiting yourself from handling a lot of cash may help with that. This monster virus lurks on table tops, metal and especially paper money. It's everywhere! So keeping less of it on you will limit your hand to hand contact as well as your exposure to the COVID.

Bring your own food

Did you say buy some food while you travel!? How about bringing your own food? Now this may work in certain situations such as on a long road trip or maybe a few snacks in your bag as you board the plane. Having your own food will keep you nice and distanced from the cashier and other people as well as spending time standing in lines socialing around with other people too long risking your chance of exposure just to get that $10 Cliff bar. If you can, try to bring your own food. Also, you will save yourself money if you can bring your own snacks. Bringing your own food is also healthier as healthy food options tend to be skim to none and is typically the most expensive during travel times. If you want to keep your immune system on point, bbq ribs and a side of fries at layover is not going to help that. Hopefully you have already been doing this already. If not, this would definitely be the time to get into a new habit .

Bring your Essentials (Ronassentials)

Aside from packing your usual essentials like clothes, credit cards, sunscreen, phone and battery chargers, condoms and few morning afters, make sure you have room for your Ronassentials such as face masks, hand sanitizers, alcohol (not to drink...but), soap, and your disinfectants. Make sure you have them stored some place for quick and easy access and maybe have them stored together in a couple of different places like in a coat, car or briefcase. Travel size spray bottles are perfect for storing alcohol or sanitizers which you can find at a $1 store. We mustn't let up on this beast because it's not letting up on us. So make sure you keep everything wiped and sprayed down!

Keep in Touch With Family

Now typically I like to go incognito to foreign countries and not tell anyone...that's just me. But with certain places like Korea and other countries where if you touch down in their country right now and you don't have a specific destination to be, you may be forced to quarantine inside one of their government facilities that can cost up to $1,300 or more! It would be wise to let your family know where you are going and to keep them in the loop of your travels so that they don't have to worry about where you are or if you are safe.

Get Tested

When you are out on your vacation during this pandemic, you have to understand there are people around you who are scared for their lives and because many of them are, you have to be scared too...just kidding... . You can't be responsible for another person's health and wellbeing and force other people outside of yourself to do that too. That is called control. Some people are fine with being controlled for an idea of safety, however, at the end of the day, you can only be responsible for your own health and well being. So if you are going to a place that is not your normal place of being, as a simple gesture of respect, make sure you get tested that way you have plenty of time to make adjustments if needed.

Being able to travel at any time is a luxury and a blessing. Let's all do what we need to do to ride this wave and keep the COVID monster at bay to ensure that we continue to live this amazing and fascinating life as the adventure for us all continues!

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