Music on The Go Artist Spotlight: Trell Daniels

On this Music On the Go spotlight, we would like to introduce to you Cartrell Daniels, also known as Trell Daniels, who not only is an artist on the stage and screen, but also a talented music artist and producer that has been making an impact in music particularly within the emerging Lo-Fi music scene recently hitting over 1 million streams on Spotify! Make sure to add his music to your daily mix of streaming content and playlists!

Tell us about your latest project?

My latest project was released thru Lo-Fi Jazz Records, my first release under a label. Its a new Lo-fi hip hop track that was produced by myself only. I initially pitched 2 tracks to the label and they accepted this one.

What inspired you to create this project?

I was due for a new single as I try to put something out once every month or so. I was excited to work on something new to submit to the label as they asked me to submit tracks to them.

Did you experience any hurdles or learn something new that you would apply toward future projects?

Actually this project was the smoothest out of all my previous releases. The label has relationships with certain playlists so I didn’t have to stress too much on that or on the promo end.

Listen: Stream Trell Daniels Music

What music artist(s) influence or inspire you?

My influences have always been producers like J-Dilla, Pete Rock, Havoc from Mobb Deep, Large Professor, Kaytranada, The Neptunes

What type of music inspires you and what genres of music do you enjoy?

I’m inspired by all music and enjoy listening to everything except country. Obviously hip hop has a special place in my heart, specifically boom-bap hip hop, however I love everything from Nirvana to John Williams.

Are you someone who likes to travel? Do consider yourself a “Wanderlust Slut”?

I do love to travel and need to do more of it. I don’t consider myself a wanderlust slut but hey, I’m still young.

Can you tell us some of the places you’ve been?

Chicago, New York, Virginia, San Francisco, Oregon, Las Vegas, Detroit, Connecticut, New Jersey, Boston, Nashville

Have you ever made/ performed/ recorded music in a different area (another city, state, or country)? If so, did the new location inspire new sounds?

I have only made beats in Big bear and Las Vegas. Both were fun and felt different which sparked new creativity in me I feel.