Road Trip! 10 Things To Keep In Mind

Updated: Jan 8

Photo by: Dino Reichmuth

There's nothing more exhilarating than getting in your car and driving off to some new destination. Or maybe getting a happy ending at a Tahi Massage could suffice? No? Well a little escape on the road can do a world of good. Sometimes getting in your car and going a few miles away from your home town can change your life! It doesn't always have to be very far, your road trip can be just a few hours away. My recent road trip to St. Petersburg, FL was the energy recharge I needed, and the trip was a little over 3 hours out! If this motivates you to take your own road trip, here are 10 things to have prepared and to keep in mind when you decide to go!

Photo by: Ashlee Attebery

1.) Make sure you have gas.

When you're driving and listening to the music and enjoying your scenic sights, make sure you have plenty of gas! On my recent trip to St. Petersburg aka St. Pete's, I was driving and just enjoying the views when the dreaded "E" light pops up on my dashboard! I hadn't realized I'd been driving so long and was literally on empty. I also was no where near a stopping point or gas station. So make sure you have gas and don't end up stranded in the middle of somewhere.

Photo by: Nicolas Cool

2.) Solid transportation

Make sure you're in a secure vehicle, meaning your air works, your brakes work, your engine works. All of those things work. You don't want to end up on the side of the road calling for tow service which could cost you depending on the time, having to your car sent to a mechanic or having to have it towed all the way back home. If your car's not up to snuff, it might be fun to go on your trip in a rental car. That way you're now adding the mileage on your own vehicle.

TIP: Make sure you have vehicle tools for a flat tire, jumper cables, flashlight, first aid kit, some extra clothes, and spare keys so if something does happen, you are ready!

Photo by: Tim Foster

3.) Bring some snacks.

Snacks are fun to eat while you're on the road. And it'll keep you from stopping every five or ten minutes to get something to eat or drink. It doesn't have to be a buffet. It can be granola bars, or even peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. As long as you have something available for yourself to nibble on. Don't make a mess!

Photo by: D.A. Travel

4.) Have a dope music playlist.

Have a dope, upbeat playlist, or just have a good collection of music playing while you are on the road. Good music will help make your ride more enjoyable, and fulfilling in a lot of subtle ways. On my way to St. Pete's, I noticed I was playing a lot of reflective, introspective songs. So, this road trip for me was very freeing and cathartic. The music allowed me to think introspectively about everything I had experienced in the last 6 months and the changes that I endured which ended up for the better for me. I hadn't been out of town in a while and some of the tunes that I was listening to had me in my head just a little bit. Overall, it was so relaxing to have those personal moments while driving up the 275 highway. So, make sure you have a good playlist.

Photo by: Anton Luzhkovsky

5.) Keep the kids busy.

If you have children, just make sure you have plenty of toys and things to keep their attention while they're on the road. Sometimes staying in place for a long time can be an added challenge you may have to confront several times while driving. You don't need that! Have some movies and cartoons available. Make sure you have their little video players, or if you have video screens in your vehicle, they are stocked with their favorite shows or movies! This will keep their attention for a few hours while you focus on the road.

Tip: Coloring books and crayons, window markers, and notebooks can also offer everyone a chance to doodle and to record some of the interesting things they see on the trip. Interactive games like "the license plate game" can help keep kids alert.

6.) Be comfortable.

You're going to be driving for a while. The last thing you want to be is uncomfortable, or wearing clothes that are too layered or shoes that get uncomfortable after a while. Bring some pillows and blankets. If you tend to get cold, make sure you have clothing available that is comfortable enough to allow you to sit and ride for a while. You can also make clothing optional all together! This trip is all about experiences!

7.) Technology is your friend.

There are some great travel apps out there that can help you find locations to go and things to do in the vicinity that you're at. These type of tools were not available years back. It was pretty much a map and a couple of brochures that you had to learn how to read and flip through. Now you have apps like Google maps, Getupside which can help you save money on gas and food, Roadtrippers, and other travel apps out there that can help build your road trip and give you information about things in your area such as restaurants, museums, beaches, or even unique novelty shops.

TIP: Make sure you bring all phone, camera, and laptop chargers. Portable chargers are great when you are not in an area to fully recharge and can provide an additional 4 to 8 hours of portable power.

8.) Keep some cash in hand.

Granted, you're going to be using debit cards and credit cards to purchase a majority of your things. I don't care what the world is saying right now, cash is always gonna be king. Cash is immediate and is tendered right then and there. When you have cash, it can also give you some negotiation power, especially if you're going to different shops in the area. You don't need to have a lot of cash, only a little bit to handle some basic transactions. If you're someone who feels prone to being robbed, or held hostage for your possessions, keep your cash definitely in a safe place on your body, or an area close enough where you can retrieve it later if need be.

Photo by: Fred Moon

9.) Talk with the locals.

Don't be afraid to engage with people while you're on the road. There's so many people out there that probably on a normal day to day you wouldn't fully engage with. However on your road trip, one person can completely change the experience of your trip for the better. They can give you a tip on where to find a great vegan restaurant or the best beach to visit in the area. People genuinely want to help and some are willing to be very accommodating and help you.

Photo by: Karsten Winegeart

10.) Have fun!

You're on a road trip! This is an escape from your normal routine. What a privilege to be able to get up and go somewhere. Any where! You may have things and situations that happen along the trip, but keep your spirits high! Create some new moments and enjoy the experience of taking a few scenic routes. Just a few miles up the road can change the dynamic of everything going on around you, which can overall change your energy and your vibe. So allow that wanderlust energy to happen, have fun, and happy endings!

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