Travel Lockdown Got you Down? Try A Staycation

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Due to many travel restrictions across countries around the world, it has made travel limiting for tourist, travel bloggers, and those who just enjoy traveling and seeing the sights of the world. But don't let this stop you from exploring the world around you! This presents a wonderful opportunity to spend some time being a tourist in your own hometown and discover what hidden attractions are available within your own area. Check out some of these resources to make your staycation an adventurous experience.

Crazy Mountains hiking trails in Montana


The easiest and most obvious place to start is by experiencing what other people typically come to your city to do. Is your city known for great barbecue like in Kansas City? How about hiking trails in your neck of the woods like Montana. Or maybe your city has a national monument that you may have never thought to visit before. What are are some great industries that are available to you in your state's backyard?

Getout Games Provo in Utah



Only In Your State is a great online resource to find interesting and off beat things to do in your state. From watching a synchronized firefly show in Tennessee to choosing an exciting adventure at Getout Games Provo in Utah, Only In Your State allows you to search by state or city and find activities you may not know even exist in your area. I just found out there is an iconic key lime pie spot just a few hours away in Key West. One of my favorite desserts!


Facebook Events is a great resource for finding activities in your area. It's a great place to also find niche interests like beer bong bingo, or pink poodle skirt bowling and other quirky events that are happening in your area. If you allow Facebook to access your location, it's a great tool when traveling as well. You just might be surprised by how many cool things are going on in your area right now!


Your local Visitor’s Center is a great resource to find things to do near you. Not only will visiting their website provide a list of things you may not even know about happening in your area, but it may even give you some interesting facts about your local town or city. Sometimes taking a visit to your local Visitor’s Center can also introduce you to other cool local findings like food tours, or novelty shops to explore. Sometime just showing up will give you more information than you were looking for.


Local state parks often have weekly events that can introduce you to some fascinating things. Visiting their websites are great tools to find tourist activities right in your area. Not only can you find a list of events happing in the parks, but you can also find areas that highlight special activities by area of interest like historical activities, outdoor events and things for kids to do.

Check out The National Parks Service website which is great for finding National Parks within your local area as well as when you are traveling further out.

Downtown San Diego Gaslamp District


Do you live in a town so small that after crossing one street, you're already out of it? There are quite a few towns like that in Missouri and Kansas growing up that if you blink, you will miss it! If this is you, why not visit the nearest city down the road? Take a day or a weekend and explore the area of a nearby town. A visit to the city might include attending a sports event or a show. Touring a small town might be as simple as walking down Main Street and visiting for local shops or a recommended restaurants.


  • No packing! A backpack or a small bag is all you need if you are doing an overnight or weekend trip near home.

  • Affordable. Local travel is the best form of budget travel there is. Transportation and finding a place to lay your head are generally the most expensive aspects when traveling. By staying close and going maybe a few hours outside of your own city, you're saving a lot on travel costs. You’ll can also find many free things to do as well.

  • Traveling with children can be an adventure on its own, to say the least. Spending less time traveling means less time for cranky moments and more fun time with the family.

  • By becoming a "hometown" tourist, you will find out that where you live can be a cool place to be and will allow you to share this knowledge with other friends and guests coming in for a visit.

So you might not be in Kansas, but there’s no place like home!

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