Vegan Food On The Go: Ruby Jean's Kitchen & Juicery

I've gotten myself into the habit of having a green drink just about every morning and coming back to my hometown of Kansas City, I wasn't about to stall or change my morning ritual. So while I was in KC, since I didn't have my own juicer at bay, I was on an adventure to find a location that would offer the freshest, best tasting, quality green drinks I had grown accustomed to. Through my quest, I was recommended to check out Ruby Jean's Kitchen and Juicery. Fresh green places are far and few in between in a city known for its amazing barbecue, but Kansas City is getting more progressive in the fields of healthy spots to check out.

This health spot is named after the late grandmother of founder and CEO, Chris Goode. Goode believes that health is for everybody and has a passion to share health and longevity to the people in his community.

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Ruby Jean juices

Photo By: Ruby Jean's website.

Like my other vegan spots on the go adventures, Ruby Jean's Kitchen and Juicery saved the day for a hungry vegan like myself being that it was relatively close and offered a variety of freshly made drinks I could enjoy. Not only did they have my green drink I was looking for, but they also specialize in a variety of handcrafted juices and smoothies as well as breakfast and lunch options you can choose from. Their meals and sandwiches do have proteins like fish and egg, however the cook was very accommodating in preparing a sandwich I ordered fresh without fish. The gesture went a long way. I was very appreciative for the young lady who hooked me up with my vegan toasted avocado sandwich!

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Green drink

Photo By: Ruby Jean's website.

As you will see in my review below, Ruby Jean's is currently located in two different places in the Kansas City area (and growing)! The first location is off 30th and Troost, and the second location inside of Whole Foods located in Brookside near the Plaza. Both destinations I happened to visit on my adventure for this ultimate green drink spot!

For their complete menu of handcrafted juices, smoothies, shakes, and more, you can check out their website. Thanks Ruby Jean's for saving the day!

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